Violin and Piano Lessons

Hello and welcome to my teaching studio!  Every day, I strive to nurture well-rounded musicians by implementing teaching methods in a way that is fun and positive for each student.   In addition, I aim to spark an appreciation for music.

For the past five years, I have guided children through their first experiences on the violin, and many have continued on to participate in and be leaders in other string programs.  My curriculum has been centered around (but is not limited to) the "Suzuki book" progression.  I draw on duet playing to improve one's listening and playing skills, and to have fun!  When we start lessons with scales, it becomes a great venue for learning bow movement skills, for creating a beautiful sound quality.  

Lessons are catered to each individual in order to achieve satisfaction from their playing.   I have had requests from students to play songs outside of the regular curriculum-   fiddle songs, folk songs, favorite songs from movies, (Pirates of the Caribbean, Frozen).   We strive for organization:  together we set achievable goals,  record them in a practice notebook, and award prizes. 

If you are interested in violin lessons, please contact me via this fillable form, and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Online violin lessons - zoom, skype, facetime

Rates for Private Lessons:   

In-person (outdoor) lesson at my location * -  $60 / hr

      30 minutes - $30

      45 minutes - $45

      60 minutes - $60

          *48th Street @ Webster St.

           Oakland, CA 94609

In-person (outdoor) lesson at your home

60-minute lessons ONLY (or two 30-minute lessons)  


     < 1 mile travel distance -  $70/hr

     > 1 mile travel distance - $80/hr



Online  -   $60 / hr

    30 minutes - $30

    45 minutes - $45

    60 minutes - $60

**Referrals:  Refer me to a friend, and after their 5th lesson, you’ll get ONE FREE LESSON (for the value of one of their lessons.  Ex:  If referral takes 30-min lessons, you get $30, etc.).**

Violin lessons Oakland, Berkeley, East Bay, SF Bay Area

“My daughters (now 9 and 11) have been taking lessons with Sara for almost three years. She is incredibly patient and encouraging and she is a very positive, joyful presence in our lives. My kids are motivated to practice, and they are eager for lessons each week. Her shift to teaching over skype has gone smoothly, and they are continuing to make great progress. We are so grateful to have found Sara as a teacher!
- Laura L.


"My daughter is taking online violin lessons with Sara Chazin. She just had a group zoom recital last night and it was great to see all the efforts of the kids. It gave them something to look forward to during this time besides being quarantined. We greatly appreciated her efforts which gave us a sense of community. It was wonderful! 

- Lauren V.

“My daughter started taking private violin lessons with Sara from the 3rd grade. She was referred to me by my daughter’s school’s music teacher. It’s been an amazing journey to have Sara as my little girl’s violin teacher. Sara is very patient, a good listener and more importantly understands how to motivate young pupils to continue with violin. 

Along with classical Suzuki book lessons, which is great for learning techniques but initially was way too boring for my little one’s music taste, Sara taught her in between few playful “Jig” violin pieces. My daughter immediately fell in love with violin and was eager to practice  her violin  everyday. At the same time Sara is extremely good and strict with techniques such as bowing, posture, etc and I believe these are very important skills to learn right from the beginning, as these habits are hard to change later. 

My daughter is a continuing student with Sara for the last 5 years and her skills are getting better every day (my daughter’s current level is Suzuki book 4). My daughter is now able to read new music notes and can play accordingly with minimum supervision. Additionally, Sara is very organized and professional. She always finished her lessons with homework for student and learning highlights from class. 


During the recent Covid 19 situation, Sara organized zoom classes and it was a great approach, as students didn’t need to pause their music lessons. Additionally, Sara organized couple of Zoom recitals to keep the same vibe in this new normal environment. 


I am very happy and thankful to have Sara as my daughter’s violin teacher and I highly recommend her.“  -Moumita

Teaching Locations:


Private studio                           (Oakland, CA)  

Musically Minded Academy  (Oakland, CA)  

Reeder Music Academy          (Danville, CA)

My Training:


- Suzuki Teacher Training                                                               Deerfield, Illinois

- Mimi Zweig Violin Teacher Retreat -                                          Indiana University

- Cert. of Achievement in Early Childhood Education -            Merritt College, Oakland

- Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Music Performance -        McGill University

                                                                                                             Chicago College of Perf. Arts